• Criminal Conviction Review Group (CCRG)

    Criminal Conviction Review Group (CCRG)

    The Minister of Justice has the authority to order a new trial or to refer the matter of a potential wrongful conviction to the Court of Appeal in the appropriate province or territory. Lawyers in the Criminal Conviction Review Group (CCRG) review and investigate each application and make recommendations to the Minister.

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  • Innocence Canada

    Innocence Canada

    Innocence Canada is a Canadian, non-profit organization dedicated to identifying, advocating for, and exonerating individuals convicted of a crime that they did not commit.

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  • Innocence McGill

    Innocence McGill

    Innocence McGill is a legal clinic based at McGill University's Faculty of Law dedicated to researching and investigating claims of wrongful conviction for serious crimes in Quebec.

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  • Innocence Ottawa

    Innocence Ottawa

    Innocence Ottawa is a non-profit volunteer organization at the University of Ottawa (Criminology Department) which seeks to address the problem of wrongful convictions and miscarriages of justice more generally.

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  • Osgoode Hall Innocence Project

    Osgoode Hall Innocence Project

    Students enrolled in the Innocence Project examine cases of suspected wrongful conviction and, where feasible, reinvestigate and seek proof of incarcerated people’s innocence.

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  • Projet Innocence Quebec

    Projet Innocence Quebec

    Le Projet Innocence Québec a pour mission première d’informer et d’orienter les personnes croyant avoir été injustement condamnées des recours disponibles qui s’offrent à elles.

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  • UBC Innocence Project

    UBC Innocence Project

    The UBC Innocence Project at the Peter A. Allard School of Law provides accessible and independent assistance with the post-conviction review process to those who have been convicted of a serious crime but maintain their innocence.

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